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Suggestions for a lefty

I was born in the Eastern Block. I leaned to write on chinese fountain pens, and I will always hold the fountain pens in the highest regard.
I currently have a venerable Parker Frontier, gifted to me some 15 years ago. I have used it on and off for a while now, but - the ink flow is... not great. As such, it scratches, something fierce.
Therefore - I would like to upgrade. I am going to spend a bit, therefore my price range would be 120 - 250 USD.
1. Left handed Nib. I read in an article on this page that such things exist!!!!
2. Medium Nib/flow.
3. It must have a converter.

These are it. So... Please share and tell me what you have in mind, what you have read about, what would you suggest!!!!

Lefty here. The fastest drying ink I have found is Noodler’s Bernanke Black. Once I switched to it I stopped having smearing issues. Sadly I have not found a cartridge based ink that dries as fast, so if anyone has a suggestion for that I would be ever so greatful.
As a "lefty" myself, I recommend you research "quick drying" fountain pen inks. I favor fine nibs myself (for quick drying) but even with a medium nib, there are inks that I can use that are quick drying as well. I know there are "left handed nibs" but I have never used one. If you are in or near a large city see if you can locate a "fine pen" store. They should be willing to show you various pens in your price range and let you test the nibs (dip the pen in an open bottle of ink to see how it writes). Some might even let you return a pen with a week or two of purchase, but you better verify that before you put your money down.
Not sure this will be the most helpful comment as I have never used a left-handed nib (and I am a lefty as well); however, it appears that this is a few months old and I figured I'd give it a shot. As far as non-scratchy, larger-line pens, I currently have inked up a Pilot Prera with a 1.1mm italic nib and using Diamine Registrar Blue/Black Iron Gall ink. It writes quite well for me at various angles and the ink comes out thin and dries quickly. So far I have not had any smudging issues, even on Rhodia paper which is some of the smoothest paper that I have found. I haven't tried the pen out on super cheap paper at this point, but I expect it will dry even quicker there.
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Well, Hello again. I got my Pilots, and although they are cheap, they don't feel like they are. I have a medium nib, but I must say, that I might like something more thick. BUT - the nib is excellent. Very little scratching, and it flows nicely. Unfortunately, I haven't yet bought a new bottle of ink. I have a Parker Quink (that is at least 5 years old). I am thoroughly impressed with these Pilots. I might look into one, or more (more expensive) from Pilot. That's that BW. I take this opportunity to thank you again for taking time to respond, and with you awesome holidays to you and yours!!! LMC
Oh inks, wonderful inks!!! Be careful when venturing into that bottomless realm! Inks can be very addicting!