I am new to the audio world so forgive me for this!! What is the max power output if I were to use this on my pc? Is it 60O ohms? If so then it should be able to power my 58Xs and pretty much anything else I throw at it without issue for the most part, correct?

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Sep 28, 2021
  • Max output (33 ohms): 613 mW
  • Max output (150 ohms): 355 mW
  • Max output (600 ohms): 88 mW
We're beginner-friendly here. No need to forgive you for anything, buddy, and you are correct. That power output is enough to drive your HD 58X , which are 150 ohm headphones, and pretty much anything else with satisfying authority. 88 mW maybe won't push 600 ohm headphones as good as they deserve, but they'll still be properly powered and sound loud and clear on high gain. For example, my MIYO DAC/Amp pushes only 25 mW at 600 ohm to my beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 600 ohm and they sound great, but not very big. 88 mW is a lot more, so yeah... By the way 600 ohm is a measure of impedance, not power. The power output of amps depends on their design topology and the impedance load they're presented with, which is why you see that the higher the impedance this amp sees, the lower its power output due to electrical resistance. There is better, more expensive equipment, but in the grand scheme, this DAC/amp combo should be enough for anything you throw at it and give you a great time.