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Interest Check: Jerky

Hey guys! We want to know what Jerky all of you are into. It’s our aim to start sourcing these types of drops and we want your input so we can provide what’s best for the community. · What do you look for in jerky? · Are there particular brands you like? Lastly, we have a few new Jerky brands that we’ll have in store very soon so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated. Let us know what you think and what suggestions you might have in the discussion. Thanks! P.S.Jerky in the office!
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Anything but bacon and pork, so basically... Everything else,and... SHIPPING TO ISRAEL
Soy free!!!
Very low sugar or keto jerky would be awesome. And gluten free (my wife has celiac disease).
I've been eating Savage Jerky for over a year and I like them a lot. Especially the ghost pepper and the reaper. the ghost pepper has real hard heat but it dissipate relatively quick. the reaper will make you weep (with pleasure) if you're a 'hothead' and cry if you're not.
I'd like to see a jerky that is low in sugar (like 2g per ounce). I usually see jerkies have no less than 5g per ounce and some will even have close to 10g, at which point you may as well be eating some candy!
I've had some of the zero carb jerkies (keto carne is one that comes to mind) but the total lack of sugar does have a really negative effect on texture and to some extent flavor.
No added sugar! Not the tiny little squares of cut meat, but pieces that feel like sliced off beef as long as I don't feel like I'm chewing on half a cow. Not too chewy, and cut across the grain is nice (easier to bite and chew). No bags that are mostly bag/air and not jerky. Definitely willing to try different meats. Organic, and non-GMO, grass-fed animals is nice.
I'm all about paleo, so ditto.
Organic would be nice
Please !!! Yes !!! Jerky !!!! no added suger !!! im in for jerky!!!!
Savage Jerky. Hands down. Period.
I prefer a thinner jerky instead of thick chunks
I want _no_ sweetener in a jerky. Most jerky tastes like candied meat. No sugar, no artificial sweetener. Thanks.
check out peoples choice beef jerky. ive ordered it in the past. some of their offerings have no sweetener
Yes !!!!!! KETO!!!
I want jerky with no sweetener at all. If that's impossible to find then I'd accept a jerky with a tiny amount of cane sugar. Most jerky has sugar as the number two ingredient after beef.
I've enjoyed People's Choice. They have sugar and preservative free varieties that have worked well while I've been on a low carb diet. I will say that they quality in their larger packs (1 lb. bags) seems a big stronger than their smaller sizes. I think it's just larger pieces making for a better experience, but limited sample size - YMMV.
I'm particular to No Man's Land Beef Jerky. Made in my hometown in OK.
I discovered Cattaneo Bros in a gas station in Paso Robles, CA. Is has a great savory vinegary flavor.
I like Krave's Pink Peppercorn, which is always sold out around here.
I just recently tried Righteous Felon's Truffle-O Soldier jerky. It's among the more traditional (ie. tougher-than-Krave) jerkies, but good flavor.
Lorissa's Kitchen is good..
I also like True Jerky (which comes with a floss pick in every pack)
If you stray into bacon jerky, Chef's Cut's Sriracha Bacon Jerky is addictive. (So good on a fried egg sandwich.)
I've tried a lot of jerky and the "cottage" brands are very hit or miss. My favorite for consistent quality... believe it or not... is Jack's Links. There are some brands that are better of course but I've had a lot of good/bad results from them enough that when I want "gourmet" I make my own.
I typically look for lower sodium options. Someone below mentioned Krave, which is really good. Salmon jerky is really good/healthy, too, but hard to find. Thanks.
Love my Wild Bill traditional jerky and similar sturdy chews.
I don't usually eat jerky, but lately I've been thinking about Apocalypse friendly foods. 😆 I was at target and gave some Krave chili lime jerky a try. Oh man, very nice.
Krave chili lime is my favorite, too. Texture is a big part of it; some jerky is very chewy and tough; Krave is much more tender. I believe a big part of this is that it's cut across the grain rather than with it.
I've tried my hand at making jerky myself (mostly failed, but I've got a dehydrator to prepare me for the apocalypse, so why not try?), and most of the recipes I've come across tell you to cut with the grain so the meat holds together well. I'm glad Krave ignored this advice.
Oh yeah, to answer Massdrop's question: I'd be interested in giving some jerky a try. Most interesting to me would be an assortment from different brands, but I realize that probably doesn't fit with the "Mass" part of Massdrop. So, baring that, I'd be interested in a sampler of varieties from a single brand. This idea being to discover something new.