Hello! I am thinking about buying this headphone. I already have the HD6XX and I'm not really looking for something with a similar sound signature but I want a headphone to add to the HD6XX. Is the sound signature of this headphone similar to the HD6XX or would it be a good addition to the HD6XX? :) I already have a AKG K701 and a DT 770 Pro, but I don't believe the sound signature is similar to those, I'm only worrying a little bit about the HD6XX.


Nov 3, 2021
Magnetic planars sound VERY different to Sennheisers, most notable in the soundstage. To my ears I much prefer the Senns for rock due to their presentation of guitars and vocals. For jazz where instrument separation is key, planars can make you feel like you’re in the room with the musicians, at the expense of detail provided by the Senns. I think you need to get over $500 to get magnetic planars that start to make you feel like you don’t need the Senns. The Dan Clarks is a good place to start that experiment, but you might need to really jump up to something like Hifiman Arya.
Nov 16, 2021
Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much for the advice, i didn't know that! I'm in love with my Senns as well haha so I want a good headphone that compliments the Senns instead of replacing it sounds-wise. I have indeed read great things about the Arya, but as a student, the price unfortunately is a little bit too steep for me at the moment. I am thinking about waiting a little bit longer and then buy a planar around $800 like the Ananda, do you know how that one compares to the Arya?