Sep 7, 2018

I want to know what is the best all around camera?

Hey, 😄
I want to know what is the best all around camera ?
So🤔 I’m thinking of the blackmagic design pocket cinema camera 4k but the thing is that I want to look for more options...
I need a camera that can film in 4K,
easy to do vlogs and make videos for YouTube, that has a good slowmotion feature,
that takes great pictures and videos in any condition,
that has a stabilization feature
good for low light situations and taking pictures/ videos of stars and or a landscape.
I don’t know if I’m asking to much for one single camera 😬🤔
I’m was looking for quite a few months now but I kinda lost myself with so many cameras 😅
what do you recommend me ?
I would really appreciate if you would help me☺️ as I’m so lost right now😬😕

choiceske the worst choice you can get for your choicefss as BPM is made for one thing - movies and it does it pretty good. But
Sony a7iii is probably best all around
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PS Fuji just released their new camera. And I've heard Panasonic has some good options too
I'll second the Sony...your list of features pretty much demands the best of all worlds, I think the A7iii or A7Riii best meet those criteria. Go buy one and tell me how it is, I'll be jealous!