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Cooking pot size for 2

What is an ideal size for cooking pots for 2 people that will be cooking not only packaged freeze dried food, but also making meals in the pot (think like rice/beans, ramen dishes with dehydrated veggies, and other meals of the like). Will be cooking on a canister stove (pocket Rocket) I don’t anticipate cooking water for hot drinks other then maybe 1 cup of coffee for breakfast meals.

Im trying to balance the capacity needs with volume of gear needed to get the job done.

I have a 900ml and a 500ml that I use. We boil water in the 900 (covered by the 500 so it has a lid, and then eat out of the separate ones. I've never needed more than 900 ml of water at any one point.
I was cooking for 4 on a recent trip and we just brought a 1.5 L pot and only had to cook twice a few times and it wasn't even that big of a deal. I'd cut weight and live with it. You can even do mixed meals where some food doesn't require cooking and you get a small hot meal as well.
I won’t probably recommend something around 1.5L to do the type of cooking you’re talking about. I have an aluminum 1.5L and 2L cooking set from MSR, and it’s served me quite well. I use a Brunton Crux canister stove, and the only issue I’ve run into is that the stove can become a bit unstable cooking with the 2L pot when it’s filled with water.
What? A 2 pound hatchet isn’t a part of your base weight?
I would say that with 1.6 L you are quite comfortable to cook anything for 2 maybe 3 people