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Which budget amplifier is the most compatible with this 6XX


Dec 4, 2021
That an open ended question. I don't know what your experience with hifi or your personal tastes are to how you want you audio to sound. To keep it to a simple answer I would say buy what you can afford because 6XX is semi transparent headphone that will match most any app you get. You won't know where to go if you don't have a setup to give you baseline for sound interms of subjective quality that's personal to you. LONG WINDED VERSION For example I started with DROP O2 + SDAC DAC/AMP and 6XX listen to audio all on custom PC which is my only source of media so I have strong sense of how things sound since the PC and headphones I had before the 6xx I listen to for years. 6XX/Drop O2+Dac combo was amazing for me I heard music with such more detail and space meaning I could hear everything music as well tell everything was easily. I personal bought the 6XXX as vocals are really important to me and must stand out, sound natural and hear all the nuances in the voice so this setup hit it out of the park for me. The genres of music I listen to the most is almost everything except country but the overarching theme that ties my music I listen to gather is the vocalist are natural and can sing. Quite honestly I never hear music at that hi fi level and that setup was an actual workout for ears for a week until my ears adjusted. The only problem I had with setup was actually not enough power for my 6XX so I could hear my music louder. I added another setup to my combo which was another amp a one linear amp for more power. Second setup is now using the Drop O2+DAC/AMP as only a dac and feeding the audio signal to my new amp which was drop exclusive thx one liner amp that had 3 times the power. How this setup compared in a/b test is where I learn what audiophile terms smooth, midrange, tremble, dynamics, speed, compression etc mean. I learned the first setup I heard actually had some compression and when moving up to one liner amp the sound became more dynamic in comparison. I would not all describe the Drop 02+Dac/amp as compress sound signature just in comparison you can tell one liner amp has more in dynamics as well as better imagining. One Liner amp has enough power for most headphones through it SE but with out balanced option I was limited on power which I felt I would want more because I plan to buy more headphones. I return the one liner amp for the drop thx 789 which to my ears through SE sounds exactly the same as one liner is great but I have got run balanced side of the amp yet. Over all with two three amps I have had and keeping the same dac I learned I like amps that are dynamic, neutral , transparent and just allow you hear dac and what headphones are doing to the music. I like the 6XX for it's midrange, vocals and warm smooth nature to sound deliver with still being very transparent headphone to scale to your dac/amp combo of choice.
Dec 9, 2021
allsmilesbThanks..So informative..I’m still learning…at 76..!!!
Dec 3, 2021
Oh man, that is so personal. Your question is similar to "what is your favorite color?" question. I use Schiit Modi DAC and Magni Heresy AMP on my desktop. Together, they are around $200 + tax + shipping. I think it's good entry, budget comparatively to other products. I didn't find a reason to replace the combo yet, because I don't use dedicated balanced headphones on my computer and I love the sound with many headphones I currently own. I also use Grace Balanced DAC and DROP THX AAA 789 on ProJect Evo Turntable. I think the setup is too clean sounding with 6xx, so I use Meze 99 Classic with it for "warmer" sound. You have to give it a try for you to form your own preference for sound. Have fun and enjoy your music :D
Dec 9, 2021
J1aE_doN9Your answer is the right colour…sounds good..!
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