ATL Mechanical Keyboard Help

I acquired a Massdrop ALT for free and knew upon connecting it that it would not show any signs of life. I had two other CRTL models that were dropped on my as well with non-responding keys. Upon investigating the CRTL model and removing the underside I noticed the area on the backside where the switch plugs in wash pressed in all the way. Once pushed it back into place and reconnected, the CTRL was fully functional. I have no knowledge or background on these keyboards and it was just simple poking around that resulted in success. Now, back to the ALT model being totally dead. Can anyone give me any idea of what the issue could be on this one? Seems to be clean all around from what I can tell or is it just a lost cause and nothing more than cap and switch parts at this juncture? I just like seeing if I can fix something that has a remote chance of seeing new life. Hope this is the right forum Thanks


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