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Interest Check: 2-Player Board Games

Greetings everyone,
We want to know what 2-player board games all of you are into. They don’t need to be strictly for two people, but the more they’re designated for one-on-one play the better. We’re always looking to stay in tune with the community so let us know what you like, dislike, love, and not. Here are some questions to help inspire your opinions and ideas:
· What is your favorite board game for two people? · Do you prefer dice games, games with cards, tokens, or a mix of everything? · Are there particular game brands or publishers you like?
Your suggestions and feedback are taken into account when we look for products to put on the site so tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any preferences you have in between.

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Dice throne Azul The fox in the forest
Yes! YEs! YES!!!! I cannot say how happy this would make me.
7 Wonders Duel Star Realms Azul Ascension I like cards the most but am also a fan of dice and tokens thanks to some recent games I played.
Duelosaur Island Cosmic Run: Rapid Fire 7 Wonders Duel Tides of Time Eminent Domain: Microcosm Fields of Arle Palm Island The Rivals for Catan
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Azul
Another vote for 7 Wonders: Duel here!
7 wonders duel, Android:Netrunner, Star Wars, the card game LCG
7 wonders duel dinosaur island agricola 1812 twilight struggle
Two player game favorites: Star Wars: rebellion dice throne android:Netrunner summoner wars mage wars arkham horror lcg 7th continent viticulture war of the ring Two player games that I’m interested in getting: res arcana aeon’s end spirit island War chest thunderstone quest
Dice masters!!! heroclix catan card game Cribbage 😂👌🏼
Santorini Star/Hero Realms Battlelore MTG Keyforge Onitama Memoir 44 Rum & Bones
Patchwork and Space Base
Star Realms Pandemic Forbidden Island Tiny Epic Defenders Tiny Epic Quest Tiny Epic Kingdoms CapCom® Street Fighter™ Deck-building Game Marvel Legendary Lord of the Rings LCG Takenoko Ticket to Ride Adventure Time Card Wars
7 Wonders: Duel DVONN Fields of Arle Abalone Starship: Catan Lost Cities
Zombie dice Get Bit Qwixx Exploding Kittens
Two-player games that my wife and I enjoy playing: Patchwork Azul Santorini Fugitive Queendomino Splendor Set Blueprints Sagrada Games my wife refuses to play again (but I still like them and have them in my collection): Fog of Love TIME Stories Robinson Crusoe Our "go-to" (which I guess could be considered our favorite) is Patchwork by Mayfair Games My wife will play board games but is not really into the hobby, so she prefers dice-based games. I like all sorts, but I prefer games that mitigate random-ness (any game that lets me consider "what should I do" versus "what can I do"). Personally, my favorite publishers are Red Raven Games, Stonemaier Games, and Fower Games, but they don't necessarily cater to two-player games.
Star Realms 7 Wonders Duel Fox in the Forest KeyForge
7 Wonders: Duel Azul Santorini
Claustrophobia is a lot of fun.
Mannnnn, I would love to see a sweet deal on DC deck building games. Personally, I prefere them to marvel' legendary. They're already pretty cheap but to get them even cheaper would be amazing... throw in a play mat in the deal and I would be in!
Raptor, Hero Realms, and Mr. Jack are some of my favorite light-weight 2-player games. Fresco has nice mechanism for tightening up the game for 2 player variant for a medium-weight option. Targi is a perfect choice as a 2 player only medium-weight game. For heavier options that also play well at higher player counts, Dinosaur Island and Clans of Caledonia.
Love Carcasonne.
Castle Panic (Most favorite!) Wrath of Ashardalon I am usually playing 2 player games with my spouse or other people I actually like, so cooperative and replayable are absolutely critical.
Patchworks Azul Through the Ages
Skull hollow
The Making of a President
Battle of Five Armies Subbuteo Dead Mans Draw
7 Wonders: Duel and Onitama are excellent, as is Santorini.
Have heard great things about Santorini.
Santorini is one of my favourite games, its super easy to teach, and the "advanced" rules give the game an incredible amount of variations. Pair it with the Golden Fleece expansion, and you´re set for a huge humber of replays.
I love Belfort with 2.. Also Flash Point Fire Rescue.. and I play mostly 2p games so thumbs up for those in general!