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My son wanted this keyboard and I accidentally ordered it barebones. What fits this? I’m assuming I need switches & keycaps but don’t know what fits and don’t want to spend a fortune! Help!!

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You're super cool for buying your son a keyboard like this. Honestly, I'd leave it in his ballcourt. I'd rather get a barebones kit, and come up with switches and caps on my own than have someone else build it. (that's half the fun..." Rather than ask you 50 questions about how he feels about sound, RBG lighting, what he's going to be using it for, I'll just tell you how to get what you see above, high quality, on a budget. I would purchase, from Drop, the white skylight keycap set. At $45, I know it's almost as much as the keyboard, but they're high quality see thru caps that will last for years. (See thru is something you want here, as it seems like the light aspect is a big part of this board's appeal. If the keycaps are not see thru, the letters won't be visible in the dark.) On switches, you can go cheap. Since this keyboard only has 61 keys, you only need 65-70 switches (extras in case he breaks them). I would recommend looking on Amazon for Kailh Speed Copper (if he likes quiet keys) or Kailh Speed Bronze (if he likes a little clicky). You can get them in sets of 68 for $26 which is very affordable.
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