Tkl Keyboard Sleeve

I received an email from this company saying they wanted to tell me a secret. That's the sort of thing that will pique my interest as the internet is largely censored for me and basically no one will talk to me IRL anymore, not even my close family. I have been using the same random keyboard for who knows how many years. Seeing this level of obsession for keyboard overlays is truly baffling for me. There is all this confusing yet obviously precise lingo. And statement like this from the official: "if the photos are removed then there would be none on the page instead of just the layout diagrams. As for the red highlight, that's a good suggestion but it wouldn't be approved under our brand guidelines. Unfortunately this is the best I can do." Interestingly, people outside my local area are usually able to communicate with me. I haven't interacted in a casual social way for so long now, and my friends mostly don't care about Covid stuff. It feels like it's been this way since April 1st. Once in a blue moon, someone will make a huge song and dance about coming to see me and awkwardly chat in my doorway or something for a bit. Generally, I only see my roommate, and she says I have become unbearable to interact with due to my loneliness. I used to see lots of people all the time, or at least I have memories of when a few friends would get together and hang out frequently. I have never suffered from paranoia in my life and I'm generally enjoying myself, creating electrical designs, AC programs, doing art and science in the lab. I try not to read into anything, but the administrator of this site sent me a message stating they had a "big secret" to share with me, and I have now spent the past hour trying desperately to understand how there could be such a community around the most boring and throwaway product in all of history. Keyboard overlays are for people who make messes of their keyboards, right?