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May 3, 2015
I have had the LapWorks Mantis (which no longer seems to be sold under that brand name) for almost two years now. Though I have had issues with it since and have had to work out my own fixes for various issues (new rubber washers, gluing the laptop grasping head back on etc), it has been, by far and away, the most useful, utilized, and essential tool in my at-home-computing arsenal since day one. I've used it with my recliner (primary location; with my trackball on the arm of the chair), in bed, on the couch lounging, and even standing. Can't keep this secret to myself any longer, LOVE it, MUST share the love of it with others for sure! I hope others jump on the bandwagon and make these ever more popular (so I can continue to use them in the future). :)
The reason it works so well in bed and on the recliner is because it can stay out of the way of your extending footrest or be positioned so as to sit to the side of the bed and extend over the bed directly in front of you. Works great for adjustable beds and it's also a cheap option for those bedridden for awhile.
Cheers, MD Roe
May 3, 2015
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