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Chief Product Officer
Jun 1, 2014
Hi Everyone,
Sadly, there's not enough profit in graphics card retail to reduce your cost via a drop. Newegg makes ~4% profit on GFX cards when they're selling at full price. Any time you see a substantial sale, that's a retailer purposefully losing money as a means of acquiring users.
For example, I took advantage of the recent Tiger Direct GTX770 sale and now they're spamming me with ads, hoping I'll buy something so they can make back the money they lost on my GTX770 purchase.
Let me know if information like that interests you. We're working on a variety of community focused educational programs and we can definitely make one about the general consumer sales if this is something you'd like to learn more about
Companies like gigabyte want to work with the community, but at this point, they cant offer meaningful pricing on any graphics products.
Jun 1, 2014
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