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Angry Miao Cyberboard Terminal Mechanical Keyboard

Angry Miao Cyberboard Terminal Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
There’s a small chance we’re all living in a simulation controlled by machines—but even then, your keyboard deserves to impress.  With an aesthetic reminiscent of a certain cinematic franchise and its many cyber-themed forebears, the CYBERBOARD Terminal from Angry Miao is your gateway down the rabbit hole Read More

Oct 27, 2023
Is this the refined edition or is the Flex kit still needed event with this kit please?
Why is only the Base Kit available? Will the Bundle be available again soon?
Nov 3, 2023
DJ3thenew23I need to know this too. Only interested in the bundle it wasn’t already sold out right? I think normally if sold out drop has the option but it’s crossed out
Apr 23, 2023
is this even VIA compatible?
Apr 24, 2023
ah so macros and layers are not a problem?
sghoundWe do have Layer support now and we are working on the Macros
i dont know if is better purchase this or keebmonkey CiY KBM68 (tes68) hard to choose one... hmmm :)
domingoJHi, these two are pretty different in many ways and I recommend you to check out the reviews first and see which one fits you the best. We do have some review content out there and you can check them out, KBM68 has one on its site as well. I posted one in the community feel free to check it out bud :) Link:
Feb 18, 2023
Make it aluminum and then I would consider it at that price. I have a hefty mammoth 75 with the added num pad and it was under this price. I would be surprised they move a single unit here.
Apr 13, 2023
Amen to that. I dipped my toe into the pool about $300 USD deep and that was it. $300 to put letters and numbers on a screen in a pleasant enough manner is enough for me. To each his own, but the keeb world consists of the wine collectors of the tech geeks. For me, after a certain threshold I'm not going to be able to tell the difference.
Apr 15, 2023
Agree with that lol wish I had, now I'm balls deep.
This is an ambitious price. 600 for PC case with SS weight. I don't know if PC case could hold the weight well, but the price for this material is usually lower, given this 65% or 75% form factor.
masnthHi masnth, the reason why we make it PC is to achieve the see-through effect so it fits the theme better. The cost of PC material is indeed lower than the aluminum we used for CYBERBOARD R3s but it actually cost us more to make it PC because they were custom made with low quantity.
Feb 16, 2023
Well shit I guess I found a reason to pre-qualify with Affirm. just kidding. Short term financing can be a bad deal.
Feb 14, 2023
Like it, but not 800 bucks worth of like.
salukiGlad that you like our product! If you want to learn more about Terminal you can visit our website and see how and why we made this happen :)
Feb 14, 2023
I thought about this one for a good long while. This is one of those products I like the look of, but could never justify spending that kind of money on. Then I thought about how much I have into a couple of my boards after all the parts and realized this price point isn't so bad. What makes this board worth this kind of money? A few of things; material choices, aesthetics, product features, and a solid dose of hype. Checks many of the functionality boxes enthusiasts are looking for these days like case and PCB foam, gaskets, hot-swap sockets and south facing LEDs. Their charging/power mat that complements their keyboards is probably what interests me the most, but it is hard to find in stock. I personally like the "Matrix" theme going on here and have been intrigued by AM products, but $800 is definitely a tough pill to swallow even if it is a reasonable deal for this particular keyboard.
whoatacosHi, Thanks a lot for your feedback and I found quite some appreciation you have for Terminal. This is not a mass-produced keyboard so the PC case has to be custom-made to achieve the see-through effect. We improved the gasket structural compare to our R3s by implementing the translucent Gasket Mount with an integrated design. Because of the material we chose(PC), we added a counterweight at the bottom for the substantial feel you get from the metal-cased keyboards. This is an alteration of our CYBERBOARD R3 so if you compare it to our R3s you should be able to see a lot of improvements :) We are now working on the product initiation of the new charging mat, if you are interested in our Cybermat R2&R1s you are welcome to join our discord server to see if you can cop one there. Here is the invite link:
Feb 14, 2023
Willy you be selling the charging mat?
TakeoHi Takeo, We are now working on the product initiation of the new charging mat, if you are interested in our Cybermat R2&R1s you are welcome to join our discord server to see if you can cop one there. Here is the invite link:
Feb 15, 2023
crazydesignersAlready a member but did not see any news on the mat. Thank you.
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