Artifact Shield White-on-Black Keycap Set

Artifact Shield White-on-Black Keycap Set

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A good suit is a must-have, even for your keyboard. Sporting the classic aesthetic of formal attire—with the quality to match—the White-on-Black Keycap Set from Artifact looks and feels great on just about any board Read More

Dec 29, 2021
Has anyone tried these with co-star stabs? I think the thin profile of these keycaps will be perfect for costar stabs. Also, is the there a texture on these like the other GMK or Drop keycaps? The Artifact Bloom caps are smooth.
I’m starting to see a pattern that Drop will write any description just to sell their items. This keycap set is quite thin.
Nov 24, 2021
They were not OEM. They were close to cherry, but just a little off. They sat higher up on the key and were a tiny bit taller as I recall. I returned them so I can't check to be sure. If you search amazon for "YMDK 108 PBT Cherry Profile Double Shot Black Non Shine Through" you can see the set. I am pretty sure they are the same as these Artifact Sheild sets they are selling on Drop.
Dec 2, 2021
Dang that's crazy thanks for this man. Artifact Bloom seems like so much better of a value with legends and compatibility compared to Artifact Shield...
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