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Sep 2, 2016
These are my first Massdrop transaction. I'm sure I got off easy with just spending a total of $24.74 (cost of drop plus shipping) for my first purchase. :) So I've been interchanging the stock pads with these velour pads for about a week now to compare and overall, I'm disappointed with these. The velour is softer than the pleather stock pads but I do lose some bass with the velour pads, so strike one for sound quality. Also, the major con for me is although the overall size of the pad is about the same as the stock pad, the ear hole is smaller. I consider myself having average sized ears and the ear hole on the stock pads already only partially encompass my ear (the back part of my ear is inside of the hole but the rest of the ear pad rests on top of the front part of my ear.) These velour pads make it feel like my ear is being squeezed into the ear hole on the pad, it's not very comfortable. The only pro is that it looks pretty on the headphone. The set I have is the limited edition dark green headphone with the chocolate brown head band and pads. The lighter brown velour pads adds a nice contrast in color. Does that pro make these worth keeping on the headphone? No. The stock pads will remain on the headphones.
Sep 2, 2016
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