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ATH-M50x Velour Ear Pads

ATH-M50x Velour Ear Pads

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For those long listening sessions, nothing beats the comfort of velour. A soft, durable alternative to faux leather ear pads, these velour pads from Sound Professionals won’t compromise sound quality, get sweaty, or peel over time Read More

With larger (ear-sized!) openings than the pads offered here, Brainwavz oval pads would be more comfortable... and less expensive, except for their Micro Suede pads, which are $1.50 more from Brainwavz official store. They even have an edition of the Micro Suede pads similar in size/shape to these ones. I own Brainwavz' Micro Suede XL Pads and can confirm that the material is the epitome of comfort. Their affect on the sound is equally impressive, especially with headphones that are a little bright, lack sub-bass, or need a bit more richness to the mids. Brainwavz Velour pads are available in black and red. Synthetic leather (pleather) comes in various colors. Their Hybrid pads offer some of the solidity of the pleather pads with with the sound-stage of the velours, as well as excellent center-imaging.
No need to wait until you need the Micro Suede pads. Their comfort is vastly superior to the synthetic leather pads. (They breathe better, and the material just feels softer.) As for sound, I've found that they boost the sub-bass, give the mids a richer presence, and tame the treble a tiny bit. If you do buy a pair to test, I bet you'll end up buying another. (They're that good. That's why Amazon can't keep them in stock.)
Aug 4, 2019
mattrisOk, you've convinced me. I'll pick up a pair. The same size pads fit on both of my headphones, so I can use them for either.
Jul 30, 2019
Have anyone tried this Velour ear pads on the M40X ?
Jul 30, 2019
What brand is this ?
Jun 2, 2019
These look comfy. If you don't have these particular headphones I got some of these and found them to be really worth the cash. I have them on my Corsair headphones.
Dec 8, 2018
People have been asking for 3 years. Do these fit Monoprice 8323's? Somebody has to have an answer by now.
Dec 6, 2018
I have a pair of velour boxer shorts--I wonder if these feel the same?
Dec 5, 2018
Amazon has the headphone that goes with these pads on sale today (12/5/18). Looks like a good day to order both. ATH-M50x

Sep 22, 2018
After trying out a few other earpads, i've found that the Shure SRH840 ones are the best. They are more comfortable, fit larger ear and dont change sound isolation & signature much. There is a slight drop in bass and improvement in soundstage but nothing major. Plus they're only $16 on amazon. I'd stay away from the velour SRH940 though.
Sep 20, 2018
Does fit any headphones or are these specific to a particular brand and model?
Sep 20, 2018
Everyone knows M50x has this pressure in your head that makes it uncomfortable in long hours, does this pads affect that? I am not really worried about the texture of the stock pads, its the pressure.
Sep 21, 2018
JuanStepAre you talking about pressure from the the headband resting on top of your head? Or pressure on your ears? I've had a pair of M50x's before and I bought these same earpads for them. The main improvement is the earpads don't accumulate oil and get that gross sticky feeling.
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