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Nov 7, 2013
Received mine yesterday. Very easy installation. I have had some time to listen to several HD 24-96 music files as well as many redbook 16-44 and even some mp3. Amazing sound, far improved over the computers sound card. I found even music samples which are a very low bit rate, from Amazon, and AMG, and streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora are vastly improved using the Aune. The low bit rate are really most improved with this DAC. The Aune T1 makes one sit and relisten to all the previously hidden details.
My only complaint came when I hooked up my Sennheiser HD580 (300 ohms impedance, essentially the same driver as the HD600). I required full volume to get close to the sound I was getting from my Sennheiser Momentum headphones (18 ohm impedance). My initial reaction was to flip the Aune over and set the gain up; to my surprise the unit was delivered with the dip switches set to the max 16db gain. The Aune T1 doesn't come close to properly driving high impedance headphones IMHO. I pulled out my Fiio E17 and it drives the HD580's to levels far higher than comfortable listening levels so it is not the headphones.
Has anyone else tried higher impedance headphones with success using the Aune? Hope it doesn't have a bad amp section because it sounds so good otherwise; both channels are well balanced throughout the volume control range and the added dynamics are spectacular.
Nov 7, 2013
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