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Aug 7, 2013
received today.<br />estimated delivery time was yesterday.......<br />Anyway, <br />After read manual, put everything together (1min) put gain to 0db. flip the power switch.....<br />First I saw 2 orange light on tube (Uhhhhh)<br />then about 30sec later white LED light came on and music start.<br />oh what a relief!. I was worry about DOA..wheww~<br />My K701 come to live and I am melting away in my music ^^<br /><br />Ps.: What is this terrible smell? I don't know what kind of chemical they use for what ? but man it stinks BAD.<br /> Does anyone have same smell? other than that everything is OK><br /> I will enjoy Aune T1 till 1st of october . then put away for year ㅠㅠ
Aug 7, 2013
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