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A decent set of IEMs

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I am in the midst of a 300 hour burn-in but, I will say I am enjoying how this set sounds so far. Before I received these which was btw late by a few weeks, I purchased a Sony/Kimber Kable MMCX cable to replace the original, as shown in the photo. So, I didn't even try the cable it came with because it is not a 4.4mm Pentaconn/Sony balanced cable. I also, made sure that I installed the Earlock interfaces and rolled the large silicone tips first, but found that the included large foam tips are the best. I read a review that offered some EQing suggestions, but I will say that the foam tips are helpful in tamping down some of the high-end if you are sensitive to it. I don't think any EQing would be necessary, just choosing the right tips. The sub-bass is where it's at in my opinion, making the overall tonality not quite neutral and not quite warm. The S-6s totality is right in the pocket for me. The treble is extended well enough to get a pretty clear audio image, but not quite too far in the far upper reaches, but very good!!!! See, I am more of a high and low sorta guy, not much for mids, but they are good, which makes the clear and precise imaging possible. The soundstage is pretty wide and a bit tall, but not enough of both to make this a competitor for more expensive sets like the UM MEST MKii, of course. But, this is all I will say about that. If you missed purchasing these, you really missed out.
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