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May 31, 2017
As both a huge Mac fan and a mechanical keyboard user (using both as I type this actually), I can't get behind this board at all. While a Mac specific keyboard is highly appreciated in a market where Windows boards dominate, the look of this just doesn't do it for me. While truthfully I have moved away from a full-sized keyboard, this huge board and even its smaller details make it feel like an attempt to cater to Mac users without actually knowing anything about the Apple aesthetic. I know nothing about the vendor other than the complaints about the previous BT model, so not trying to trash anyone here, but personally I just can't see me ever considering this. Aesthetically, I would much rather stick to any of the other mechanical options out on the market and swap on some Mac key caps. This keyboard, to me, seems more of a "lets put Mac keys in the right spot and make it white and stainless because that's what Apple guys want" rather than a well designed board that takes its design cues from the core fundamentals of Apple's design. I do hope this sells well as maybe it'll show other vendors (or even this one), that there is a market out there for more Mac options.
May 31, 2017
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