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Bigfoot Desktop CNC Machine

Bigfoot Desktop CNC Machine

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C+C Model Factory

The Bigfoot CNC Desktop machine has the best ratio of price to work area of any CNC on the market. With 381 mm x 330 mm x 94 mm of milling area, the Bigfoot is large enough to craft any project you have in mind. MyDIYCNC’s initial goal was to create an easy to use, computer controlled, desktop sized, cost-effective, modular device that anyone could build in an afternoon. Actualizing their ambition, the Bigfoot is their latest and most popular product, and not only because you can swap out the spindle for a 1.7 watt laser.

This drop is for a Kit, if you want an assembled product that option is available at checkout.

Bigfoot Desktop CNC Machine

Everybody Dance Now

We've been listing additive 3D printers on Massdrop for the past few months, and this is our first sculpting or "subtractive" product. This is a cutting machine, and it uses a spindle (rotary tool) as the primary cutting tool, which means you must be substantially more careful than with a filament printer. If you're curious about what you can do with it, do check out some projects like this one.

Bigfoot Desktop CNC Machine


  • All-new billet aluminum, precision machined parts
  • Larger work area 15" [381 mm] x 13" [330 mm] x 3.7" [94 mm]
  • Native step resolution of 0.00025 inches (0.00635 mm) per step
  • Fewer parts (previous assemblies are now single machined parts) for greater precision, accuracy and durability
  • Built-in precise alignment of parts
  • Pocketed bearings for precise alignment and reduced play
  • Stiffer raised aluminum table incorporates slots and threaded holes for clamps and screw down fixtures - table now clears side rails and X motor for extended workspace
  • Centered Z motor/drivetrain for extended Y axis travel and less canting/binding
  • Anti-backlash mechanism now machined into axis carriage for greater accuracy and repeat-ability
  • Z carriage features billet aluminum bolt-on tool plate and machined aluminum spindle mounts Now includes tools - hex wrenches needed for assembly


Estimated ship date is May 5, 2014 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

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