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Jan 23, 2014
Hey everyone, Just a quick update on the status of the Dark Voice 336SE Amp. Dark Voice is shipping us the order in two separate shipments, one was dispatched yesterday, and the other one is schedule to be shipped on the 24th as originally promised. Since this week is essentially the last week in China before the 2 weeks long Chinese new year holiday starts, we are already seeing slight delay in the shipping time. To make the logistic slightly more complicated, Dark Voice is located in Chengdu, and our shipment needs to be transported by train to the nearest Special Economic Zone, Shenzen, where it will clear the Chinese custom first before it can be shipped to us. Due to the shipment delays we are already seeing, it is starting to look more probable that we will not be able to get the second shipment to Shenzen before the Chinese new year holiday starts. And if that’s the case, our shipment will be essentially stuck until the holidays is over in China, second week of February. We are monitoring the development very closely, and we’ll update again if we hear anything back from Dark Voice or our shipper in China.
Jan 23, 2014
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