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Deadline Studio Doys Macropad

Deadline Studio Doys Macropad

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Product Description
The Deadline Studio Doys Macropad is a quirky little control surface that absolutely exudes playful style and vintage charm. Designed to look almost like an old-school battery-powered radio, this little macropad sports an electro-plated tie rod on the top that looks like a chrome handle and adds a little bumped-out space when you lay it on your desk Read More
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So the keycaps aren't included?
Keycaps are included
KeebmonkeyFor clarification — 8 square keycaps are included to match the 8 switch positions? If so, what are the keycap designs and colors? Exactly the same as each color version shown in the images? the keycaps are not shown in image #10, so it is unclear what “keycaps are included” actually means.
Apr 20, 2024
My Doys Pad recently arrived and i cant find any instructions or downloads for the keyboard anywhere. Where can I located at least the jason files to work with VIA? Also how do you connect with Bluetooth?
May 10, 2024
I was just looking for reviews on this product and I saw someone on another site say the json file(s?) can be found on deadline's discord: I haven't checked it out myself but hopefully that helps you find what you need if you haven't already.
Apr 3, 2024
Is this macropad customizable with "VIA"?
Apr 3, 2024
Can the rgb be controlled individually by software on a Mac?
Apr 7, 2024
I'm always very hesitant with these kinds of products, I do see in another Q&A that the board supports VIA, thus it might run QMK, is it possible to see the code that is used for its features, is there a QMK fork somewhere? Tried Googling it but didn't find anything yet.