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Apr 6, 2017
That tiny hole is a joke! I couldnt find a single jump ring in my vast collection of jump rings to fit into it. Same for nylon string. I guess floss or light fishing line would have been an option.... I was able to take a 1/16 drill bit to it (I carefully twisted the bit by hand until it went through, there no margin for error!), and managed to get a fairly strong jump ring to fit. Lets see how long this lasts in my pocket (I keep my flashlights attached to a lanyard, attached to my wallet)...

Otherwise Im enjoying this thing. Ive had it for about 24 hours and the capacitor still takes a few seconds to warm up. Compared to my Brass Worm, its brighter, but takes about 5 seconds before it can catch up and surpass the Worm at its brightest. Hopefully this isnt a problem and will at 100% in a few days.
Apr 6, 2017
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