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Drop CSTM65 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

Drop CSTM65 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard

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Feb 3, 2024
typo for overview description: #1 Around the top case, we designed CSTM80 with a refined aesthetic that’s both minimalist and classic. To this end, we choose the space-efficient 65% layout, complete with arrow keys for functionality that doesn’t compromise the compact footprint. #2 The CSTM65 isn’t all looks and electronics. Under the hood—or rather, the top case—you’ll find a host of components designed to deliver an uncompromising typing feel. At its core, that feel starts with the polycarbonate inner case, specially crafted to securely hold the decorative top case and deliver just the right amount of flex for your typing. Inside this case, we’ve added in a custom gasket-mounted system with easily replaceable gasket pegs so you can easily switch pegs when changing plates. We’ve also installed a full array of foam—including PORON plate foam and case foam, IXPE switch foam, and a special silicone patch that fills out the bottom case and acts as a bottom gasket for the keyboard. Throw in the hot-swappable PCBA with south-facing LEDs for an enthusiast-preferred configuration—plus a flexible polycarbonate plate and solid aluminum case weight—and you’ve got an exceptional typing experience, with plenty of room for customization. Check out our selection of interchangeable CSTM80 plates and case weights to get yours just right. also missing stabilizer info
We are now in-stock and shipping the CSTM65!
Jan 30, 2024
Hoping for a CSTMxx that actually has a customizable layout in the future ~ would love to see split backspace, split right shift, and split spacebars.
Feb 19, 2024
MxMoonCool! I haven't tried a split spacebar yet. On a 65? I would dip back for keyboard number 21. 😱 I can quit anytime.
Mar 11, 2024
MxMoonAnd ISO support. Lack of it prevents me from buying these CSTM keebs.
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