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Drop CSTM65 Mechanical Keyboard

Drop CSTM65 Mechanical Keyboard

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Jan 30, 2024
Be interesting to understand the design thinking on this... It seems that this kind of layout doesn't make much sense for people who need the tilde ~ and the back tick ` in their work (like C, Java, JavaScript etc programmers; or people who write in languages like French, Spanish, Italian etc that need a tilde or back tick for composing characters like ñ or è) though there's probably a way to get at that through some kind of function key... ¿? On the Tokyo60 layout, the backspace is where the \| key is on this layout and in place of the backspace there are two keys - the \| and the `~ respectively, which would make more sense to me.
Usually in the 65% layout the backtick(`) is on the FN layer and the tilde(~) is simply the [shift] of that same key. So you would press FN-ESC for backtick(`) and FN-SHIFT-ESC for tilde(~). As somebody who uses these keys extensively, I thought this would be a barrier I couldn't get through. But after owning multiple 65% keyboards, I've gotten quite used to it. Of course, with VIA/QMK support, you're able to map any key to anything and can create multiple FN layers. For example, FN-rightALT could be your FN2 layer where you map other non-standard ANSI keyboard keys.
Feb 3, 2024
I read the specs/details but it doesn’t seem to mention the colour of the top case, nor does it list a switch plate or base weight. Does it mean the switch plate and base weight are not provided with this product and must be purchased separately? What colour top case ships with this product?
Feb 3, 2024
They're pretty bad with details, but there is some info: Inside this case, we’ve added in a custom gasket-mounted system with easily replaceable gasket pegs so you can easily switch pegs when changing plates. We’ve also installed a full array of foam—including PORON plate foam and case foam, IXPE switch foam, and a special silicone patch that fits out the bottom case and acts as a bottom gasket for the keyboard. Throw in the hot-swappable PCBA with south-facing LEDs for an enthusiast-preferred configuration—plus a flexible polycarbonate plate and solid aluminum case weight—and you’ve got an exceptional typing experience, with plenty of room for customization. So it will come with switch/top plate (flexible PC) and aluminum case weight. The included (default) decorative cover appears to be polycarbonate and in black color only. The only other major spec I can't find is the typing angle, but based on the photos, my best guess is anywhere from 6-8 degrees.
Does this support QMK/VIA?
Yes it does.
Jyri_Dropany chance there’s going to be a 60% version of this style of keyboard?
Feb 16, 2024
Will this keyboard fit inside the DROP ALT KEYBOARD SOFT CARRY CASE?
Yes it will!
Feb 11, 2024
Looking for some help to to find my first 65% keyboard. Is this a complete keyboard with all necessary parts?
Feb 17, 2024
Yes, this is a complete keyboard and usable right out of the box.