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Drop DCX Amethyst Keycap Set

Drop DCX Amethyst Keycap Set

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If purple is your preferred color, amethyst should be your go-to gemstone. And if your thirst for amethyst can’t be quenched—and you need the purple rain to keep falling—then there’s really only one keycap set for you Read More

Feb 13, 2024
Wow….I never though we’d get here but, here we are. Drop releasing a damn fine, almost perfect keycap set! Simple yet spanning almost all popular kits. No crazy marketing bullshit, just a damn good looking, almost complete keycap set. Maybe on the next go-round….do an ortho kit and an international kit. One thing that absolutely MUST happen to make this right up there with, oh let’s say a biip kit, is a stepped ctrl. I, and many others have stopped using caps lock a long time ago and if you supplied another option….(here’s a chance to really do something out-of-the-box) I for one would try it. Other layouts would sell for sure but I realize that’s all a numbers game with Drop being the size it is. But Colemak and Dvorak users would love you if you made it a reality. Once again, good job, Drop. I had given up buying keyboard products from you ever again (love your music hardware though). But with this cap set, you may have won me back. Kudos
Jan 25, 2024
Is there any way we can get a comparison (a photo would be ideal) to GMK DY or secondly, to any well known purple GMK sets (e.g. Purple Night, Mitolet, etc)?
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