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Drop Expression Series Akatsuki Indigo Keyboard

Drop Expression Series Akatsuki Indigo Keyboard

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In perhaps the most famous ninja-focused anime out there, clouds are the symbols of the Akatsuki clan. Like the clan itself, they come to represent a red reign of terror and evil—but their history shows something different Read More
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Apr 12, 2023
Are the switches hot-swappable?
The switches are not hot-swappable. (edit: typo)
What version of Gateron Yellow KS3 Switches are these switches? i can only find milky and nylon black housing. Not sure which ones are in photos? they don't look like either to me?
They will be Milky Yellows, the photo in question is a hand-built board with some frankenswitches - will be pulling that pic down, thank you for catching the error.
Apr 14, 2023
Will the case be sold separately, I really like the design but am not a huge fan of the keycaps. I also am not very exited about spending $130 on a not hot swap keyboard.
No, sorry, this will only be sold as a fully built keyboard.
Apr 15, 2023
Can the backlit keys be read in total darkness? In other words, are the letters and symbols transparent on the keys so that you can see them? Thanks!
Are there any plans to offer the keycaps separately? Love the caps, but no interest in TKL