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Drop Halo Mechanical Switches

Drop Halo Mechanical Switches

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All I can say that this switch (Halo True) are uniquely good, the switch has a really good "clack" sound, it is smooth too out of the box, the springs are heavy but not heavy enough to stop a heavy typer like me from bottoming out (BOTTOMING OUT FEELS GREAT, SOUNDS GREAT) also I noticed that you feel most if the tactility on the upstroke since the tactility starts at the top of the switch so there is no travel, basically the top of the bump is at when you start to press the switch, so you don't feel it as much as when you slowly let go of the switch, it's a weird but good feeling that's hard to describe, you have to feel it yourself and say "oh, that's different" because that's what my reaction is when I got my hands on these Halos. Edit: I made some Holy Panda from these switches, hands down THE BEST tactile switches I have ever laid my hands on! I would suggest getting these or the Halo Clears and hunt for some Panda in the secondary market, might cost you a bit tho.
Decent tactiles, but that's not what these were used for.
Perhaps you are familiar with the Holy Panda switch. If not, it is a so-called "frankenswitch" which features the housing from a YOK Panda switch and the stem from a Halo Clear or Halo True switch, yielding some of the best tactile switches in the world. Halo switches are decent in their own selves, though. They're ok tactiles for daily use. They're not the quietest or the greatest in terms of tactility, but they're not bad at all. However, if you want to go that extra mile, get a pack of Panda switches and get to frankenswitching.
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Will these work with CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT keyboards?
What's the difference been True and Clear?
I got both, I found the clears have a higher initial resistance which made the actuation point more obvious, but they bottom out much easier, the trues had less tactility and less initial force, but the bottom out resistance was noticeably stronger. They are quite similar yes, but not identical, and the color of the stem has nothing to do with the led transmission, thats only the housing which is the same for both. Also, lube them, they get much quieter and the actuation becomes much more clear to the hand.
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