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Drop + MrSpeakers Ether CX Closed Headphones

Drop + MrSpeakers Ether CX Closed Headphones

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checkVerified Buyer
Endgame headphones
Amazing for what you get for the price. A great deal and retail of $900, even better if you can grab it for $600 like I did
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Oct 10, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming
Music Genres:Electronic, Metal, Pop, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Excellent for Casual Listening
I have only experienced a handful of headphones but these have excellent customizable features with the padding, increasing bass or reducing treble. The mids on these are perhaps the best I've ever listened to, and add some color to the sound experience without losing the accuracy of vocals or string instruments. As far as casual listening to podcasts or gaming, it's a pleasant experience and would recommend to anyone who is looking to get into higher end audio at this price range.
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Sep 24, 2023
Activities:Critical Listening
Music Genres:Jazz, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
My favorite headphones, so far.
These cans are light and comfortable to wear for extended periods. Generally, I would prefer an open back headphone, but I really enjoy the isolation these ear goggles provide. The pair I own now are a replacement for a previous set that I purchased. On the first pair, a teeny-tiny screw that holds the right cable connector in place on the headphone cup came loose. I couldn't find an Allen wrench small enough to fit the screw anywhere, not even in a jewelry parts store. Ultimately, my inability to repair the headphones proved not to be a problem as Drop replaced them under manufacturers' warranty. I just finished listening to the Sly & Robbie DUB album and these headphones did an excellent job of reproducing the crack of the snare drum. The Ether CX may not have the greatest bass response, but I enjoy the sound overall. I just added a tube preamp to my headphone stack and these headphones respond well to that signal.
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Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening, Movies & TV
Music Genres:Classical, Country, Electronic, Hip-hop, Jazz, Metal, Pop, R&B, Rock, World
checkVerified Buyer
A light and comfy headphone that is very clear!
I'm not expert what so ever, so here's the review for normal people: I solely bought these for the office space because of the closed back. I have for years been on the lookout for the right CB headphones for the office space and after having been on a journey that looks something like Sony 7509 -> Dekoni Blue -> DT 1990 Pro, I can finally say that I'm happy! For reference I use ZMF Aeolus and HD660s at home and lovee them both.
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Jul 5, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening, Movies & TV
Music Genres:Electronic, Pop, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Clear and precise
These cans are great for mixing or with a little EQ in the low end, are also amazing for casual listening. Must be powered properly to do them justice.
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Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening
Music Genres:Classical, Country, Electronic, Hip-hop, Jazz, Metal, R&B, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Super comfortable, great sound as is
Amazingly comfortable, the low clamp force and lightweight design is superb. Pads are super pliable and although they look a little jank with the rectangular cut out, they do the trick and are comfortable. The sound is very good out of the box, they don't even necessarily need EQ but definitely play around with that. The bass is super flat and has great impact for a planar, the mids are bang on and natural, the highs are a little off kilter but nothing that would count even as slightly offensive. Adding a little at 3khz(3db Q3) and removing a bit from 4khz(-1db Q2) does the trick and opens up the sound. The reason I got them is because they are closed, I have a few open planars(Arya v2 non-stealth, Ananda non-stealth, had the DCA Aeon Open X's but sold them) and it's nice to have a pair of closed backs on hand in case someone starts renovating the next door over. They seem to be pretty easy to drive, A90&D90SE stack through balanced output on low gain gets very loud very quickly. The Ananda is easier to drive but not by much, the Arya demands more power in comparison. In terms of subjective performance they are somewhere between the Arya and Ananda, they have better imaging than the Ananda, but worse sound stage(closed vs open). The resolution is slightly better overall(and especially in the bass) on the Ether vs Ananda, but it doesn't hold a candle against the Arya in terms of sheer resolution even in the bass, though it has more buckets more slam the lower you go. The Ether is less soft than the Ananda and has slightly smoother treble. I feel these are awesome for almost any kind of music, though they seem to perform their best on EDM and such, rap is also great. You can of course listen to classical with these, they do the job wonderfully but the sound stage is clearly the limiting factor. Anything recorded more intimately sounds phenomenal as the lack of a wide sound stage stops gimping these, some of the modern Johnny Cash' recordings are amazing for this headphone.
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May 28, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening
Music Genres:Classical, Jazz, Metal, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Great Headphone
Never ending bass, great comfort, utterly clean in the whole spectrum.. Just need equalization
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May 12, 2023
Activities:Critical Listening
Music Genres:Electronic, Hip-hop, R&B, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
4.5 Stars If There was an option - Terrific sound, pre-breakin
These are my second planar magnetic, and definitely a step up (Fostex T50 RP with upgraded cable). At least in sound quality. Having graduated from Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80ohm, I am very much into the closed back side of things. Overall, I love the sound (fairly neutral sound repro, responsive to eq adjustments) and the ability to wear for extended listening periods. With that said, not stoked about the build quality. As others have mentioned, the headband feels... cheap. The tension wires attached to the cup fixtures also feels very delicate. The cups themselves have no noticeable defects or lack of quality. The pads are alright. I have grown to tolerate them. I am definitely a fan, but the full price seems excessive.
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Apr 15, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Movies & TV
Music Genres:Classical, Jazz
checkVerified Buyer
For the price its disappointing. The packaging looks like a reconditioned product
When I opened the posting box all I saw was a plain cardboard box inside. When I opened that box there was just the black bag with the headphones inside. No case is provided or any documentation. The cables were packed in in a cardboard box under the headphones. I actually thought I must have misread the listing and bought reconditioned or factory second and had to recheck the order. The sound is great! Head band on top is a little average in quality. For that price Drop should have included a proper case, spare earpads and some documentation. They don't look like more than $300 headphones.
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Feb 22, 2024
AlumbroFor a premium product to be available at a lower price, the first avenue to reduce costs is packaging and extras. If great sound is what you are after, this is a fantastic option, if you want a great case and box, buy direct from Dan’s website
Apr 9, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming
Music Genres:Classical, Electronic, Jazz, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Great Closed Back Headphones
It was great headphones, kinda jack of all trades. Stock cable needs upgrade though.
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Jun 10, 2023
Jun 11, 2023
androidknee55It is long especially when using with the adapter. It tangles. I have replaced it with shorter and softer cable.
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