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Feb 28, 2019
My CX's came today. They were well packed and they arrived safely. They sound pretty good. Unfortunately, I only have my Centrance DCport HD to drive them at the moment. On the DACport the volume only gets them to mellow listening levels Unsurprisingly, they'll need a more substantive amplifier. Most of my gear is in storage ATM, pending a move to the great southwest. Sadly it will be some months before I can really enjoy them, LOLS. Listening to CX's softly, It all sounds muffled and laid back. I get the feeling that the CX's will benefit from some burn-in time. There aren't any strange audio artifacts, but the DACport hasn't got enough gumption to really exercise them. To everyone who also took a leap of faith, just sit sit back and enjoy and thanks for joining the drop, I don't think we are going to be disappointed. Edit: These CX's are really comfortable! Edit: Welp, I broke out from My Burson Play DAC/amp from storage and I am about 40-50 hours into the 200 hour burn-in period. The Burson Play has enough power to drive the Ether CX to very loud listening level. The CX's sounded pretty nice from the get go, but after 40 hrs now they seem to have broken in some. Couldn't tell you exactly in what way, they just to handle the music and the volume better, faster. Clarity was all there from the get go, staging is very decent. Treble is ever present but never sibilant. Looking forward to more listening sessions.
Feb 28, 2019
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