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Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard

Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard

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Sep 12, 2023
Is there a high profile version available or planned?
Sep 14, 2023
Thanks for your answer, but I'm still curious... Would it be possible to explain the reasoning behind offering high profile for ALT and CTRL, but not the SHIFT? I'm a long time programmer, not a gamer, and I use my keyboards as input devices not lightshows :). I work in low light environments to minimize screen glare, so a backlit keyboard is very nice, but I don't want the keyboard giving off so much sideways light that I get screen glare from reflections of the keyboard. If I can't get high profile the keyboard is a non-starter :(. I have two high profile CTRLs that I like very much, but they would have been SHIFTs if a high profile version were available.
Sep 12, 2023
What is the functional difference between V1 and V2 for this keyboard?
Main differences: ▪️ 5-pin support ▪️ Stabilizers updated to Phantom as default offering (significant upgrade to feel and sound) ▪️ Case/switch/socket foams included by default ▪️ Chipset updated for better feature compatibility and future-proofing
Sep 12, 2023
Will the PCB from the V2 Shift work in the V1 chassis? If so, will there be a PCB upgrade kit in the future?
Yes! It's already available for preorder here. All of the V1 and V2 components are interchangeable, allowing you to upgrade a V1 to V2 by purchasing a new PCB and foam kit.
Sep 17, 2023
With DROP now being apart of the corsair family will these keyboards (CTLR, ALT, or SHIFT V2) be compatible with iCUE at all in the future?
We think it would be a very cool integration and have started discussing what it would take to make that happen on the Drop side, but it's not something I would expect to happen quickly. We've also thrown around ideas for integrations with other products within the Corsair family - lots of possibilities!
Sep 13, 2023
Was the power issue resolved? The original Shift sucked so much power that a USB hub sometimes would not be enough to power it and I had to connect it directly to a USB port on the PC. Also if I connected anything else to the other port, it will shut all the LEDs off. I think this is related to the others asking if the second port could be use for charging or data transfer. The first version of the Shift performed awful for that. Sometimes it would, but must of the time it would just stop working or all the LEDs off. At least in may case.
We did tone down the power draw a bit this time around. Have you tried turning down the brightness on your LEDs in your case? I also found using a powered USB hub really helps if you like hubs.