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Eleks NK6P USB HUB Pro 36W Power Console

Eleks NK6P USB HUB Pro 36W Power Console

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Product Description
The Eleks USB HUB Pro 36W Power Console is a nifty power utility device that brings a host of control and connectivity features to bear right on your desktop. Its aluminum and ABS plastic enclosure looks both futuristic and classic, with glossy panels housing the control surfaces and opulent gold-colored hardware keeping the end plates in place Read More

Apr 17, 2024
I'd be interested to hear a single use case for this
Apr 23, 2024
sadiqYou've finally done it! You've achieved your dream and opened your very own usb powered coffee maker bar! But oh no, the electricity bill is so high! Well do I have the product for you! With this... Thing... You can turn off the power to coffee makers that aren't in use! Just flip the switch and BLAMO! That's money in your pocket.
Apr 12, 2024
all this and then it's is the point 😂
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