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Apr 14, 2019
I would not comment on the quality of these headphones based on the specs. I own a pair of them and I love them - and believe me I'm a picky consumer. I fell in love after listening to them at my favorite store. What I heard was the most believable midrange you can buy if you don't want to enter 3k USD price territory. The highs and the staging was also fantastic - and I'm very sensitive in this area. If you are a base fan - you will not be overwhelmed. Lows are there - but more like on the concert - adding to the music than like in a studio - 100% technically correct. Don't get me wrong - they are not boomy at all, they are just a little bit relaxed when you compare them to what is technically possible. For me it just adds to the fun factor they have - they just LOVE to play music - transposing you to the event. If you want to know to what they are comparable - it's easy - they are like my AKG Q701 on steroids. With more midrange and base - as if you just bought an AKG model but two levels above the Q701. And by the way - they ARE picky. After I listened to them for the first time I encountered them during some audio show - I had a listen, even showed them to my friend - what a horror. I wasn't sure how I could be so wrong - they just sounded like 50$ headphones. Only later on did I confirm that this was a component mismatch. They just need an amp of quality, NOT of power, they are really sensitive on themselves so they are not really hungry. Actually, you would be surprised - they sound really decent connected to the phone, but they will appreciate any better source and will reward you with the feast of music.
Apr 14, 2019
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