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Sep 20, 2018
Faber-Castell nib/feed units are great (a little wet, so order a size under your usual) but the ergonomics of this pen are not great. The pen is quite slim and not that comfortable for longer writing sessions (no curve in the barrel to relieve pressure) and your fingers will get inky unscrewing the "teensy" little "section" from the body. Also, the cap has a mushy plastic (nylon?) liner which does securely fastens to post, but with a "thud" more than a "click." Not as crisp to post, or as comfy to hold, as the Loom.
If you like this style of pen, I would check out the Lamy Accent. Similar shape/design, but with a more secure cap and a nice bulging grip area. The same teensy section, but it is removed through a neat "elevator" feature by turning the grip.
Sep 20, 2018
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