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Jul 4, 2014
Hello FINDers,
Apologies for the late deliveries! Being a new product, it took us some time to get everything ready! Please have a look at the below guidance points to set up and use your FIND tags!
Guidance for using the FIND tags with the FIND app
Please download and install the “FIND App” from the iOS app or Google Play Store. Search for SenseGiz FIND or use the links given below: iOS Android For all details about using the FIND TAG. - Visit
Installing the battery FIND ships without battery installed. Always use the battery opener tool provided to open the battery lid. For inserting the battery, please ensure that the +ve (with the brand name of the battery on it) is facing the top and the –ve side is facing the bottom of the FIND casing. To know how to insert a new battery or replace the old one, check out:
Connecting to the app:
The FIND can ONLY be connected from the FIND app & cannot be connected from Bluetooth settings menu of your Phone. Please open the FIND app, & press the round refresh button in the top left to find it. Since this is a Bluetooth low energy product, it can only be accessed from the app & not from the Bluetooth settings. Please click on “PAIR” when prompted by the app after pressing connect. Checkout the demo video of how the find works and the different options of the FIND APP:
FIND has a white colored double sided adhesive tape on the backside. Please take off the top layer to stick the FIND to objects like laptops, remote controls etc. NEED HELP?
We are always @ your service @
Jul 4, 2014
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