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Oct 25, 2015
Well, I have been listening almost every day to the Gustard H10 since setting up about 2 weeks ago. The sound has opened up nicely after about 40hours of listening time I still believe this amp has not finished breaking in yet as it si still improving. The bass is nice and full, with plenty of weight and impact, not bloated, the midrange sounds expressive to me, but not overly so. The treble nicely balanced with the bass and midrange and I have to say the initial "shrill' has gone. I am hearing details I have never heard before through my Grado SR325is cans. Enjoying every minute of listening. While relatively expensive to buy from Australia $ to US $, due to exchange rate at present not being favorable, I still believe this headphone amp has been an investment into many enjoyable years of listening to come.
Oct 25, 2015
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