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HammerWorks CRP Round 5 Keycap Set

HammerWorks CRP Round 5 Keycap Set

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Product Description
As a keycap set, you don’t make it to a fifth round without doing something right. With excellent quality, community-favorite colors, and tasteful designs, the CRP Keycap Set from HammerWorks does a lot of things right Read More
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Oct 25, 2022
Are the white and beige colors the same as previous runs?
Hello @blur410! Thank you for your question. Please see the images below showing the differences in the white and beige. It is a very subtle difference.

Nov 1, 2022
What does the tulip kit originate from? Is it a localization for a European country (looks like some overlap with the Greek set)?
Nov 21, 2022
To get even more in-depth, it's actually based on the Swiss National Standard QWERTZ/AZERTY-variant layout(s), with this CRP set being a repro of a few vintage Cherry-manufactured G81-3××× Series OEM boards (most-famously for the Tulip & Peacock Computer companies)!
And I use plural because the Swiss layout itself was created for the MULTIPLE languages & dialects within Switzerland (Swiss-German, Swiss-French & Dutch, Swiss-Italian, etc.). So yeah; there were quite a few different G81-3000 sub-variants created for different linguistics, all featuring those beautiful 7~9-legended Accent Cluster keycaps (mostly for the various Swiss-Standards, but there were a handful of others; as seen by this CRP Greek set). There ALSO seems to be evidence of BSP having manufactured these full-color keysets for vintage OEMS, as well.
Now if you go back & look at the main Accent Clusters between the CRP "Greek" & "Tulip" Alphas, you'll notice they have slightly different sub-legends!👍🏽 *[Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk]*
Oct 26, 2022
Regarding the blind bag 'Dick' artisan offer, is the artisan going to be included with orders containing any of the mentioned kits in ANY color (White OR Beige), or only applies to White kits? It's a bit unclear if the "...[Irish] themed White sets" means an artisan will be included with an "Irish White base-kit" specifically, as well as any of the other options (40's Mods in Beige, for example), or if only White-colored kits can receive a Dick! (40's Mods only in White, for example).
Hey @PancakeGoon Thanks for the question. An artisan will be included with the Irish Themed White Set as well as the other options listed in the note which would include 40's mod in beige. Hope that helps clarify!
Sep 7, 2023
when will the next run be?
Dec 2, 2022
Do you happen to have pictures of what the beige spacebars from this round will look like? The ones from round 4 were almost identical to the white ones, so I was hoping they would actually be beige this time.