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Dec 27, 2014
Finally got these yesterday. For my first impressions? Everything I've heard about them is true. Their sound quality is simply amazing. On par with my Sennheiser over the ear headphones I use for my computer. At least in my opinion.
However, just like the Sennheisers, they require power to run. By default, without any kind of amp, just running off a mobile device, they are decent. Well better than decent, they are a good pair of headphones. But, if you want a strong sound, and more importantly strong base, you are going to need a power source for these guys. Once you have that power source, you can get some real punch out of them.
I was also pleasantly surprised that i didn't notice any real lose in sound quality when running them through an equalizer either. I could adjust it however i felt and no matter how strong i made one spectrum, it never seemed to take away from any of the others. I will admit i am a bit of a bass nut, so being able to increase the bass without messing with the rest of the sound was great. (BTW, dont use an "app" on your phone as an equalizer. Either use one built into your amp, receiver, or computer. You can try, but you will quickly learn why not.)
Now, you can run them without an amp, from your cell phone. You will have to potentially max out the volume to do it though. And i guarantee that if you dont use an amp, and your a huge Bass Head, then you will be disappointed by them. I would highly suggest having an amp, especially one with an equalizer built into it, to bring out the true sound on them.
I'm currently on the hunt for a small amp that will fit in the case that comes with these headphones. I think it would be a real nice space saver to have something built into the case of these guys since the hard shelled case they come with is amazing.
As for the fit, they are a bit on the heavy side. Its probably the first time ive worn a pair of over the ear headphones that would potentially fall out on me while moving. But then again, i have the tiniest of ear canals, and even the smallest buds will get squeezed out of them. However, i switched to using the included rubber over the ear pieces with great success. This was the first time ive bought a pair of over the ear headphones that came with those little over the ear guides that did not hurt like hell. They are so incredibly comfortable compared to any one ive ever worn, and do just as they are supposed to and keep them from moving around to much, which keeps them in my ears better. It also removes pretty much any tugging they might normally get, which can cause these rather large headphones to rub around in your ear, causing a bit of annoyance and fatigue. So if you've got small ears like me, the over the ear rubber guides do their job well and feel very comfortable.
Overall, read the reviews. What the reviews say about them is 100% true. Great sound, wide stage, but will require a strong power source. I would also personally suggest an amp with an equalizer built into them, or something like a bass boost switch, as i lika da bass. And trust me when i say you can crank up the bass on these guys without a care in the world, and deep down it can have some strong, strong bass.
Dec 27, 2014
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