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Jul 7, 2015
In my opinion anyone who's serious about iem's should have a B3Pro1 in his/her collection, sooner or later... A reference and unique sounding iem... Anyone who's thinking of this iem, I strongly suggest you to buy a set of KZ eartips (blue-core, whirlwind type). They fit and seal better than the very popular JVC Spiral dots. They sell 1.49USD (free shipping, 3different sizes set) from an Aliexpress store. Best eartips I came across so far ( Ihave tried over 90 pairs of different eartips, but again YMMW). Is amping necessary with B3P1? From my experience (I have been using the B3Pro1 for 1.5 years now) it depends on your source. If you're using it with a weak source such as Sansa Fuze it needs extra amping. If you're using it with Fiio X3, X5 or xDuoo X2 amping is not a necessity. Amping brings slightly more body, warmth (depending on the amp) and slightly more bass to these (your mileage may wary). Topping NX1 is a very popular, small, portable, cheap but excellent sounding amp with B3Pro1. Buy the B3Pro1, find the best fitting-sealing-sounding eartips for you first and then decide to get an amp or not. For some cases you won't be needing an amp. For others, it may bring life... Just experiment...
Jul 7, 2015
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