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Nov 14, 2013
Let me clarify...
Ikon sent us a box with all of the razor handles, individually packaged in sleeves and protected. A second box has all of the razor heads, packaged in a similar fashion. There's a third box of retail packaging (collapsed cardboard boxes, insert, etc.)
The warehouse received this, and didn't know exactly what to do with everything, so they emailed us asking for clarification. We're not physically at the warehouse so we had to go through some communications (and pictures) to make sure that everything would be done correctly, and then the warehouse staff had to assemble the boxes, unpack each piece of the razor, carefully put them together and close the box. Then those get protected and packed into bigger packages. I sincerely apologize that we didn't communicate this delay to you guys earlier - we need to get better at this.
This isn't a very uncommon occurrence, as these manufacturers typically send these to small retail stores who know the product really well and have the time to fiddle with the packaging before putting it on the shelf. Also fiddling with 5 units that you put on your shelf is different from 80+. Our highly efficient/streamlined/non-flexible warehousing operation, doesn't handle this situation nearly as well, hence the delay. These shipped out today, and your tracking will be updated at midnight!
Nov 14, 2013
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