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Oct 4, 2016
these are nice socks to run in. sometimes i have one of these as a base layer, then a compression sock or a wrightsock over it. i got the idea here . it works!
//6.1 Injinji Lightweight + Cool Max Wrightsock (5/5)
My favorite combination is to wear the Injinji lightweight sock with the thinnest Cool Max Wrightsock. This gives me toe protection and three layers of material. I find that this pairing is much better with blisters than any other option I've tried. I found that this combination works under the most extreme conditions of heat and humidity. The combination is also remarkably cool, much colder than you would expect for two socks with three layers of material. In cold weather I will sometimes use a slightly thicker Wrightsock in slightly bigger Shoes, but are more likely to simply use Vaseline for insulation. (Wrightsock at and Injinji Leightweight at
Oct 4, 2016
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