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Dec 25, 2014
yes please let me know if this is mac compatible I did commit , but I only have macs at home so I need to know please and TY
Dec 25, 2014
Dec 27, 2014
Quoting from a review on
"Apple / Mac OSX Compatibility__________________________________ There's disclaimers that the keyboard is not compatible with Mac OS X, but so far I have no complains. Here is the Macbook Pro mapping with OSX 10.8.2 (without modification software to remap keys). I just mentioned the ones that had questionable issues. The standard keys work fine.
Fn+F5 = Play previous song, only when iTunes is opened.
Fn+F6 = Play next song, only when iTunes is opened.
Fn+F7 = first time pressing it, starts iTunes. Second time pressing it, will play iTunes. Third time will pause play. After that it repeats the play and pause function.
Fn+F9 = Mute
Fn+10 = Volume up
Fn+11 = Volume down
Fn+12 = Lock. Ordinarily in Windows this locks the window button for gamers who accidentally push this button and access the Windows menu. But on a Macbook Pro, this feature locks the "Command" button. FYI, the Windows button = Apple's Command button. When this button is engaged, that key lights up at full brightness. Changing the brightness level does not change the brightness of this key (or the Cap lock key).
Print Screen button = F13. I have no idea what F13 does on a Mac, but Key Code (application) registers F13.
Pause = F15 (Yes it's skips F14 on the Macbook. Logically it should have been F14)
Delete = forward delete (something always missing from Mac. With Mac you need a combo key press, Fn+Del to access that feature)
Fn+(Print Screen/Num Lock) = does nothing. On a PC this engages the Num Lock feature and the button lights up, but on Mac it's permanently disabled.The Key Codes app registers this as code 71/0x47 or kVK_ANSI_KeypadClear.
Fn+(Pause/ScrLk) = does nothing. Does not light up. The Key Codes app registers this as code 107/0x6b or kVK_F14.
Fn+(Delete/Insert) = Don't use this combination!!! It turns your pointer into a "?" question mark icon and it looses the cursor. Sometimes I could click out of it and sometimes I can't. I have to push that combination several times to get out of it. Haven't figured this "functionality" out yet. It works fine as "insert" on PC. The Key Codes app registers this as code 114/0x72 or kVK_Help.
The key ~`, displays ` when you press ~, but Shift+~ and you'll get ~… so in other words it's reversed. This is the key below the ESC key. Mac has the punctuation ` labeled as default and ~ is a shift+' combination. Like I said earlier, the PC and Mac key has the punctuation ' as a default, but KeyCool has manufactured ~ key as default. In PC, you nee to read the label before typing. In Mac, you need to do the reverse of what the label is telling you.
Home = scrolls to the top of document, and it does not refocus your cursor to the beginning of the line. The focus of the line remains the same. So I can press Home and keep typing where my cursor was last and the application will scroll me back to the original line on the document. In PC, I expect the Home key to move the cursor to the front of the sentence.
End = scrolls to the end of the document. It's similar to the Home key where it does not refocus the cursor. In PC, I expect the cursor to move to the back of the sentence.
Caps = Stays lit after engaging at maximum brightness. On mine, the LED is white, as with the rest of the keyboard. I like it white as opposed the the product photo where the locking keys (Caps, F12, NumLk, & ScrLk) were green.
Ctrl = same as control on Mac. I only use that to Zoom into my screen, but that's a preference setting.
Window button = Command.
Alt = Option/Alt on Mac also, but I think I may be remapping the Command and Alt to make it a more natural Mac keyboard.
Fn = does not register under Key Codes. If I push Fn in my Macbook, it registers as code 65535/0xffff. Regardless, a combination of Fn + (F5, F6, F7, F9, F10, or F11) controls your music or volume. Of course Fn+UpArrow or Fn+DownArrow controls the key illumination levels; off, low, medium, and bright.
Space bar wakes laptop from sleep mode. During sleep mode, KeyCool also dims. You may be asking why I'm placing this bit of information on, but apparently my external mouse (Microsoft 3500) will not wake the computer up. I'm glad that function works."
Dec 27, 2014
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