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Nov 3, 2017
There are tons of sleeping pads out there, many excellent. I will comment, that if you are doing anything other then strick summer warm weather camping, you want a higher r-value then 1.3. R-value here of 4.4 is good. This is the sleeping pad I use due to the following combination, good weight at 19 ounces, 23 inches wide so elbows don't slip offer, just make the sleeping that much easier, good r-value and packs up to a decent size. Everyone sleeps differently on various pads, like checking out a mattress I would compare different companies pads to make sure you like the design. This is a decent price. So when comparing other klymit packs and other companies design, make sure you have all the metrics in front of you, price, weight, r-value, width and length, how much room will it take in your pack, and finally comfort. Just more unsolicited advice from the ibex
Nov 3, 2017
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