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Jan 29, 2015
This is the best pen in my arsenal (10 and growing). I normally try to rotate through all my lovelies, but I find myself gravitating towards this one again and again.
There are, however, a few nits that could be picked. One, the opening at the top is not perfectly dead center (I said they were nits!). Two, it is larger in length and diameter than most of my other pens, as well as heavier. Three (and most egregious), the action on the extension and retraction of the nib is rough (feels like metal grinding on metal).
The first nit I just noticed and really couldn't care less about. It's readily apparent in the picture above, although it appears as though it could be camera angle trickery; it is not. The second, well, I'm larger than the average bear myself so, again, no issues. The third does take away from my enjoyment of the pen, however, as I said, this remains the #1 writer for me.
Jan 29, 2015
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