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Dec 18, 2019
FWIW. I have had this pen since last March. It broke, I think because of a poor design. The threads between the section and the barrel were loose, and had a tendency to come undone. I got in the habit of really making sure the section was snugly seated, to it would not come loose and detach (which had happened). The last time I used it, the section "broke." Two different concentric pieces of it separated, making it impossible to use. Based on that, I recommend steering away from this pen. I have used Safaris and Al-Stars and they have not experienced ANY mechanical failure. To be fair, the fine nib was really nice, and I was able to salvage it for a Safari. I do not care for the ergonomics of the Logo - it's too narrow and slick for a comfortable hold. Obviously, that's a personal preference and not a comment on the pen itself (which sucks, but for other reasons)
Dec 18, 2019
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