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Sep 14, 2018
There's a very nice review over at
Actually, there are reviews of dang near every light and battery there. Be careful, it can get expensive reading those forums.
I have two of these, never tried running them full on for more than a few minutes. Usually, you just don't need to. They provide plenty of light at half brightness.
I wouldn't call this a good general purpose light. It's a very nice light if you want to see farther than a normal pocket light, but still provides a decent amount of side spill, making it much more usable than it's giant brother. I have one of those too, and while it's freaking cool to play with, it's just not a general light at all. Awesome to tinker and great for looking across valleys and such camping, but not all that practical. Great fun though.
This light is very handy for its size. It punches a surprisingly long distance. And it's so small I don't mind putting it on my belt when I'm out hiking. I usually wear a good headlamp and carry the mini gt. Covers everything I'm likely to run into.
Sep 14, 2018
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