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Jun 22, 2018
I ordered this last time it was on massdrop and it was dead on arrival. Spent more than 2 weeks dicking around via email with some Chinese dude name "Leo" to try to get a warranty replacement he would wait 3+ days to reply and I would have to send a second email saying "hello?" to get even that delayed reply. Also to ship it back to China was about $60 minimum and I told him I couldn't justify spending the $ on shipping when a new light was cheaper. I asked if I could show on video that it did not function and even offered to destroy the flashlight with sawzall on video as proof that I wasn't just trying to get a "free light". It's now been since 6/4 and there has still be no reply to tell me what to do or if they will ship me a new flashlight w/o the return of the broken one. Finally I went back to Massdrop and they offered an RMA but would only refund me, not ship me a new flashlight. The broken one is on its way back to Massdrop and I ended up finding and getting in on this new drop for the same flashlight, so in the end it will work out, but all in all not a good experience, especially with the manufacturer being in China and very very unresponsive.
Jun 22, 2018
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