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Mar 25, 2018
Okay so I'm listening to my 6XX and going back and forth between my Macbook Pro (2014) headphone jack and my Micca Origen+ DAC/Amp. My MBP volume level is at half and plenty loud for me. I still have plenty of leeway to make these louder. On my Micca Origen+ I have the volume at ~11 o'clock on low gain and it's plenty loud for me. Again I have lots of room to make these louder. Just trying to find if the MBP DAC is noticeably different or better than the Origen+.
I'm gonna buy a different cable though. I don't like how high the Y-split is. Plus I don't mind something shorter. The 6XX cable is 6 feet while my 3rd party 598SR cable is 4 feet.
Mar 25, 2018
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